Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Motivation, Where Art Thou?

Wow I did not realize it'd been a full month since I last blogged. Back then, my goal was to finish my current WIP before the day I left on the NKOTB Cruise....ha. Yeah, that didn't happen. I still haven't finished it. I wrote a few more lines one day but since returning from the cruise, nothing. Zilch. I think I must have left my motivation somewhere on Half Moon Cay. I didn't even blog about the cruise itself, which I now regret. Of course I did tweet links to my sister's blogs about the cruise and we had many of the same experiences. But I wish I had written about how awesome it all was. It felt like a once in a lifetime experience although I plan on going on every cruise they do from now on. There was a unique feeling in the air and you knew it was something really special. I don't even know that I could find the words to describe it. Alas, the cruise isn't what I planned this blog to be about so let's move on....

Not only is my writing motivation gone - it seems all my motivation is gone. I had been working out 4-6 times a week and since the I guess part of the reason may be because I always called my workouts "Cruise Control" and since the cruise is over, maybe my brain thinks I don't need to be in shape anymore. But I know I do. I forced myself to work out 3 times last week and felt great but so far this week, I can't seem to make myself do it. For one thing, I started reading back over the book that got me back into writing in 2008. This is the reunion story of the characters I wrote about when I was 14-21, a continuation of the epic saga that permeated my high school and college years. This book should be several and is currently at a whopping 899 pages - 315,277 words (!!) I've been doing some minor editing but since it was written just for me and my friends' entertainment I'm not too concerned about how much my beloved characters roll their eyes and raise their eyebrows and use the F-word. (All of which are A LOT!) But this story is incredible and I truly enjoy reading it, which is why I'm unmotivated to do much else. Hopefully when I'm finally finished reading over it (now on page 564) I'll be inspired to finally finish the other story! Or at least work on the rewrite of what was originally Part 1 of this epic tale. Confused yet? Gawd, I am!

Anyway, the point of this blog was to find out what you guys do when you lose your motivation? Any tips or tricks anyone cares to share? I know what has always worked in the past for me and this time, those things aren't working! :( The cruise should not have worn me out like it did, shouldn't have made me unable to function at a normal capacity for weeks or months afterward! But I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. Someday I'll even write a story or book set on a cruise ship. ;) Okay I'm off to do some more reading since that's all I seem to be motivated to do these days!

PS - for those who haven't check out Jordan Knight's new CD "Unfinished" on iTunes or :D It's good stuff!!


  1. Have you tried #wordmongering? It's a hash tag on twitter where at the top of the hour, you get together with other writers than write as much as you can for a 1/2 hour. Then you tell everyone your word count. The thrill of challenge and competition really keeps me going.
    If you want to edit there is also #editmongering which starts at the half hour. I've also posted a word count meter on my blog, so that everyone who goes on can check my progress, it really holds me accountable.
    As far as working out, I'm struggling with that one as well. Maybe we should check on each other to we have something to answer to, lol!

  2. I think when my motivation falters I remember that my dream of being a successful author hinges on my ability to write books. So I better write or find a new dream. Writing is what I want to do so I power through. Usually the motivation is only gone for a few days before it comes back if I push for it.

    Great post btw.