Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wow, what an opening!

I've thought of starting a blog for a while now and finally just said to hell with it! I'm hoping that people want to read it and will be interested in my thoughts. If not, it could just be my personal online journal. Although I already have a handwritten journal for the really personal stuff...but anyway! I thought I could write about my writing, what it's like to be a single mom and right now an unemployed single mom but I'm hoping that changes soon! Or really, whatever is on my mind that needs expressing. I could also talk about my love for a certain awesome "boy band" (I really don't like that term...I know that's what they are but I just don't care for it! Maybe it's the negative connotation) ... I'm rambling already! I plan on sharing whatever is on my mind and hope that people will be interested.
If anyone is reading this who doesn't know me that well, I became a writer at age 14, inspired by the 5 Bad Brothers from Beantown themselves, New Kids on the Block, and my writing idol, Dean Koontz. There were no books around like what I wanted to read so I wrote my own. At that time it was just for my amusement and the enjoyment of my two best friends: my twin sis Abby and lifelong bud Angi. My first book became a monster, a series of books that spanned my high school and college years. I like to call it the first (and best) fan fiction. ;-) That means that yes, the main characters were the New Kids themselves, but although they kept their real names for my books, I gave them different lives, based on what I thought their personalities were like. I'm not sure if the characters are close to the real guys, but I like to think so. I like to think I have strong intuition about things. But anyway, my friends and I were the main female characters and I changed details about our lives as well. The story was set near my hometown in southeastern North Carolina in the summer of 1990, the magic summer, if you will. Wow, 20 years ago!!
Basically, Donnie and Joe were stepbrothers with fictional parents. Donnie's mom married Joe's dad (I realize that is kinda f*cked up but they were different people in my book!) and that's why they had different last names, but they were my two favorites back then and I really wanted them to be brothers in my story. It made an interesting dynamic. Their family moved from NYC to this small NC town. Their neighbors "across the road" were the Knight brothers and Danny lived a mile or two down the road. The gang, as they will come to be known, soon learns that there is a cult of sorts in their town that has been killing people for years. Jordan was the only one who knew about it and he told the others. They call this cult "The Witches" because I was young and didn't know what else to call them. ;-) I was going to write all the details of what happened but I think I will save that for the next blog if anyone is interested to hear what happens. I had thought I may blog the story as I remember it, since I have lost the handwritten pages for Part 1 of the Witches saga. In a nutshell, the story is all about how the gang and the witches try to destroy one another. Lots of bad ass-ness ensues. And because my BFFs are my biggest fans, the story went on for years. In 2009, I started the reunion chapters of the story, inspired of course by the reunion of the New Kids. It was only fitting that I should start writing those books again. And honestly, the book that I recently finished is my best work ever. Those New Kids sure do inspire me, especially Joe for some reason. I would love to hear any thoughts/feedback on this! And I look forward to blogging more - this is kinda fun! :-) Let's Get This!!! hee hee ...

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  1. Excited to read your thoughts, ideas, and general ramblings. Love you! :)