Monday, March 8, 2010

A Spring Day :-)

Yes I realize it's not technically spring yet but it finally feels like it is! I couldn't be happier. Enjoying it on my back porch/deck as I type this. I am grateful to have an outdoor area where we can sit and enjoy this weather. We may take a walk later. And by "we" I of course mean myself and Adeline, the 3-year-old light of my life. The kid can certainly drive me crazy but I love her to death. I love that she doesn't want to sit in the outdoor chair I bought for her but is trying to sit in the beach chairs. Well, what are ya gonna do? Anyhoo....I am feeling much more positive than my last post. I apologize for that. I was in a down mood and probably shouldn't have blogged then. Oh well. It's done.

Last night I dreamed that I was in the hospital giving birth to another baby. Could be horrifying but I think I actually want another child someday. Maybe. Anyway, it was a nice dream because it was a baby boy and I would love to have another boy. And I was happy. This one had a father and we were very happy together. I guess that is the dream: to find someone you can be happy with. I don't think I was married to him but we were happy. And the baby was beautiful. :-) I looked up dream meanings and to dream you're giving birth basically means you're about to have a new idea, or you've had a new idea that you're excited about, which makes perfect sense. i certainly don't think it was a premonition. I've had several ideas lately, for new books and such. The one new book I started recently I have been very excited about. I need to find a way to write every day. I know my fans/friends aren't that happy about the new book but I am. I wish I was writing in the infamous witches book but I've hit a stumbling block and don't remember where the story was going. I'm sure I'll figure it out. No way am I giving up on that story! So don't worry, Angi!

I still haven't found part 1 of the witches book, which I had planned to blog about so that will have to wait for now. Anyways, I am off to see if I can write something new! Hope you all have a wonderful day & it's this beautiful outside where you are! :-) xoxo

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